"He made me feel... like I had a heart."



a lot of people rn

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when something you blacklisted shows up on your dash anyway


She said she wanted to escape from this world

She said she doesn’t have a place to belong

It looks like she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. 

         ✺ ★ * ★ *  Green Day star signs * ★ ★ 


punk: rebelling against authority

pop punk: rebelling against your parents because they won’t drive you to hot topic with your friends

She’s my everything. She’s my world. If I lose her, I lose my world, my everything. She means everything to me.

For Oihane! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so nice to me, even though we barely talk and making my requests and just being an awesome person~ ❤ 

But I’m different. I’m going to make all the trash see that ghouls are above humans.